Saal Digital Photobook review

I recently saw the advert for Saal Digital’s photobook offer giving you a £40 voucher in return for a review and thought why not!
The process of making the photobook is relatively straightforward using Saal Digitals own software, after playing around with it and making several different photobooks I finally chose one.
The options I picked were as follows:
21 x 28 cm Size
Leather Sapphire Black cover (unpadded)
42 Photopaper glossy pages
Without barcode
No gift box
The shipment of the order was very speedy from Germany. The order was placed on the 27th of June and delivery was on the 5th of July. It was packaged well in a protective sleeve, if I were to order them for a client I would be inclined to order the box as an extra level of protection and for presentation.
First impressions of the photobook were that of high quality, the cover was a very good quality, when using the software, I would have liked to have been able to use my logo on the front but all that is available is text and clip art. I understand there might be limitations to what they can print on the cover but it would be a nice feature.
You can have print on the spine, I made an error on my part when designing the spine (placing the lettering so it reads up the spine rather than down) which was completely my fault and not Saal digitals! The lettering has a snap to spine tool which I used assuming it would line the lettering up on the spine perfectly but it did not, upon receipt the lettering slightly goes onto the cover but upon checking the project I see that again was my fault as the lettering is clearly over the line! Lesson learnt!
Inside the photobook, I cannot fault it! The pages are magnificent!  They feel great to the touch and the quality of the paper is incredible! I used the double pages for my photos which work very well with the lay flat spine that Saal Digital uses!
All in all, I love the photobook and will be using Saal Digital for my photobooks in future! I am also willing to try other Saal products now that I have seen the quality of the photobooks! An excellent product that I would recommend!
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